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Chickpea Seeding

Chickpeas are relatively tolerant to spring frosts, but for optimal germination, seed chickpeas in warmer soil with good moisture content. As with other larger seeded pulse crops, chickpea is susceptible to seed damage when air velocity with air seeders is high. Seed drills and air seeders can, however, be used effectively when seeding chickpea if ground speed is kept low and air velocity is just high enough to avoid line plugging.

  • Seed Depth: 2–3 inches (5–7 cm)
  • Soil Temperature: 5˚ C (Desi) to 10˚ C (Kabuli)
  • Seeding Dates: late April (Desi) to early May (Kabuli)
  • Seeding Rates: 44 plants per square metre
  • 1,000 Kernel Rate: 200 (Desi) to 370 (Kabuli)
  • Seeds Per Pound: 3,300 (Desi) to 6,200 (Kabuli)

The Government of Alberta’s Seeding Rate Calculator can help you determine the proper dry bean seeding rate. To ensure the best results, use seed with both high germination and vigour.