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Crop Growing Regions

In Alberta, production of pulses occurs in most cropping regions, though the distribution of a particular pulse crop may be limited. To see how current varieties performed in each zone, visit .

Field Peas

This is the most widely grown crop, being produced from dryland fields in Southern Alberta, through Central Alberta and up in the Peace River Region. In recent years, the major production areas include Southern Alberta, North-east to East-central Alberta, and South-central Alberta.

Dry Beans

Production occurs predominantly in the irrigated fields of Southern Alberta, surrounding Bow Island, Taber, and Vauxhall.


Production occurs predominantly in Southern Alberta, where the growing season is longest, and drought stress can be used to induce podset in this indeterminate crop.


Production also occurs predominantly in Southern Alberta, along with a small strip along the eastern border.

Faba Beans

Production occurs in the moister regions of the province, including Central and North-central Alberta and irrigated areas of Southern Alberta. Faba bean production also occurs in the Peace River region, though its shorter growing season can make this a challenge for some years.