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2014 Alberta Regional Variety Trials

The Alberta Regional Variety Testing Trials (RVTs) are a key source of information to the agriculture industry regarding the yield potential and field performance of new pulse varieties. The trials are managed by a team of research experts to minimize variability. These trials provide unbiased, comprehensive information that assists producers to make better cropping decisions and higher profits.

The Regional Variety Trials examine seed yield as well as other data, such as plant height, standability at physiological maturity, disease reaction, and thousand seed weight.

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Reading the Regional Variety Trial Results

Varieties displaying a symbol (❀) are subject to Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR). Any unauthorized sale of seed of these varieties is an infringement under the act. Under PBR, farmers are allowed to save seed of the variety for their own use, to plant on their own farms.

Varieties within each table are arranged in alphabetical order. The check variety for each crop type is displayed in bold at the top of the table. Cultivar yield data is shown as percent of the check, and the station years of testing column is located beside the yield. Caution is advised when interpreting the data with respect to new varieties that have not been fully tested.

The CV stands for coefficients of variation (CV) in the trial and is expressed as a percentage. Large CVs mean a large amount of variation could not be attributed to differences between varieties. The lower the CV, the better the quality of data.