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Selling & Buying Pulse Crops

Alberta Pulse Growers’ administrative, research, marketing, and extension activities are financed by the collection of service charges from producers. The service charges, or levy, are collected by the dealer or the person who received the pulses from the producer. The service charges are to be assessed against all producers on a uniform unit basis (0.75 per cent of value, effective August 1, 2018) and calculated on the quantity of the various pulses sold by the producers.

Dealers must be licensed with APG for the collections of levy. This enables the dealer to be listed in the Dealer Directory so that growers are aware of which dealers trade pulses and ensures that dealers are aware of the requirements of levy collection. There is no cost associated with licensing.

The Canadian Grain Commission also licenses dealers under the Canada Grain Act. In order to receive protection against non-payment risk from the CGC, producers must sell their grain to a dealer licensed by the CGC. Alberta Pulse Growers does not guarantee that dealers licensed through Alberta Pulse Growers are also licensed through the CGC.

Price quotes for pulse crops are available through the Canadian Special Crops Association.


Annual Dealer’s License Application

Dealers List

Monthly Levy Report Template