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Letters of Intent for Pulse Cluster research projects being accepted until Dec. 15 NOV 23 2016 | Producers | News Release

The Canadian pulse industry is now accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for possible inclusion in a third research cluster, within AAFC’s newest agricultural policy framework, for the period of 2018-2023.

“As a Canadian industry we have identified some very specific targets that will push our knowledge and profitability as an industry forward,” said Dr. Jenn Walker, Research Officer for Alberta Pulse Growers (APG). “We have an incredible resource in scientific capacity and feel confident that through collaboration and partnership we can achieve our goals.”

Industry discussion has identified the following national and provincial goals that will support a profitable and sustainable pulse industry in Canada:

  • Increase pulse yields by 20 per cent by 2023, associated with low cost of production and improved nutritional quality.
  • Increase utilization of pulses as whole food by 10 per cent by 2023; as ingredients in product categories such as analogues and extruded products by five to 10 per cent by 2023; and as ingredients in new markets such as pet food (20 per cent), aquafeed (10 per cent), and other industrial uses (10 per cent) by 2023.
  • To have a pulse crop option for every arable acre in Canada by 2027.

The Agri-Innovation Program is an initiative from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). As part of this program, pre-commercialization research, development and knowledge transfer leading to innovative agriculture, agri-food and agri-based practices, processes, and products are supported. The Agri-Science Cluster is also part of this program, addressing several themes that are priorities to the industry and would request support toward several research activities across the country.

The Alberta Pulse Growers Commission has been an active participant in the Pulse Science Cluster 1 (2010 – 2013) under AAFC’s Growing Forward and is currently participating in the Pulse Science Cluster 2 (2013-2018) under AAFC’s Growing Forward 2. Pulse producers in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan currently fund a significant portion of the pulse research into genetic improvement, agronomy and sustainable production, as well as end-use processing and utilization to advance value-added applications for pulses in existing and new markets. There is a continued need to increase the scope of pulse research and address the gaps that have been identified as standing in the way of continued market growth in this sector. The opportunity to leverage our industry funding with government funds will allow the pulse sector to address many of these knowledge gaps in these science Clusters over the next five years.

Please find the Request for LOIs and submission template as well as specific research priorities at

Letters of Intent will be accepted until December 15, 2016 at 11:00 pm PST and should be sent by email to: Shirley Toms, Senior Research Program Manager (SPG) at

Discussion of research priorities with the provincial funding organizations is encouraged. Please contact the appropriate representative for each grower organization below:

Alberta Pulse Growers

Dr. Jenn Walker
Research Officer
T 780.986.9398

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers

Laryssa Grenkow
Research Manager
T 204.745.6488 ext. 6

Ontario Bean Growers

Jennifer Mitchell
Project Coordinator
T 519.803.9847

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

Dr. Lisette Mascarenhas
Director, Research & Development
T 306.651.0859

Pulse Canada

Dr. Julianne Curran
Vice President, Food & Health
T 204.925.4450