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We are Alberta Pulse Growers.

Based in Leduc, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission is a non-profit organization that supports over 6,000 Alberta farmers who grow pulses, including dried peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans and faba beans. Through a refundable levy based on 0.75 per cent of the cash sale on pulse crops sold in the province, Alberta Pulse Growers conducts research, administrative, marketing, and extension activities on behalf of our members.

With five zones, nine staff, and a farmer-elected Board of 12 Directors, Alberta Pulse Growers promotes the benefits of including pulses in a sustainable crop rotation and in a healthy diet through research and marketing initiatives, all in an effort to increase the sustainability and profitability of pulse production in Alberta.

Pulses are good — for you and for Alberta farms — and we work hard to make sure you think so too.

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Have Alberta pulses recognized by consumers as environmentally friendly, healthy, and nutritional and by all producers as being an essential element in a sustainable cropping system.


To provide leadership, increasing the competitiveness, profitability, and sustainability of pulse production as well as promoting the health and environment benefits of pulses.


These values guide the organization in its pursuit of the mission and vision. These values are the expectation that the organization will operate under.

Clear and concise: each value represents how APG will address issues, opportunities and formulate decisions moving forward and they address how everyone in the organization will operate; Directors, Advisors and Staff.

APG values were reviewed through the strategic planning process and have been adopted as follows.

  • Accountability
  • Optimism
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

Mandate: Help growers sell more pulses.

Focused Actions

  • Support agronomic research under the following priority areas: disease, fertility and nitrogen fixation
  • Genetics research advancement to increase yields and focus on variety development for Alberta’s environment and end user needs
  • Investigate technological advancements for pulse production
  • Collaborate to address research funding, support and policy development
  • Strategically identify key influencers and develop education and outreach materials (e.g. teachers, chefs, medical professionals)
  • Support the research and regulatory work to advance health claims for pulse crops and pulse ingredients
  • Influence development of pulse products to increase consumption in domestic and key international markets
  • Collaborate and support national work to develop and maintain current pulse markets (MRLs, key processing research)
  • Develop strategic communications tools for grower outreach and engagement collaborating where advantageous
  • Review grassroots structure and function to maximize producer commitment and participation with the organization
  • Engage in outreach with key grower influencers to provide dissemination of science based pulse information
  • Communicate economic basis for inclusion of pulse crops as a fundamental component of a sustainable cropping system

Strategic Focuses

Based upon a strategic planning session held over the 2014–15 fiscal year, the following areas have been adopted as the strategic focus of the organization.

Producer Profitability

Agronomic Research

  • Invest in research that addresses agronomic barriers and looks to improvements for pulse growers.
  • Support research that looks to increase arable acreage to 15% of land in Alberta in pulse crops.

Technology Discovery

  • Investigate new and emerging technologies and assess their on farm use Genetics Advancement
  • Support regional variety trials and encourage new pulse genetics


  • Work to influence and support value-added opportunities for producers.
  • Continued collaboration with other grower groups around building strong cropping systems for enhanced producer profitability.

Grower Support

Support and develop dedicated producers

  • Review grassroots structure and optimize commitment to the organization.

Connecting to growers

  • Continued development and extension of strategic communication tools: Pulse Crop News, and development of Apps that are useful to the grower community.

Economic decision making

  • Feature economics and sustainability messages that address stakeholder needs

Information sharing

  • Have information that has a strong scientific basis for decision making, policy development and investment choices.


Product Development

  • Increase use of pulse products including whole, split pulses, flours and fractions in the development of new and innovative consumer products.

Heath Claim Support

  • Advance regulatory work through support of Pulse Canada and investment in research to address any scientific gaps in achievement of health claims for pulses.

Influencer Education

  • Create and extend pulse information to key influencer audiences such as health professionals, teachers and chefs as well as other influencers.

National Investments

  • Continued support and engagement with national organizations to develop and advance pulses in various markets.