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Marketing Pulses

Pulse Buyers & Sellers

Are you looking for pulse buyers and sellers? A list of pulse dealers is available here.

Service Fee Change to 0.75%

Please note that effective August 1, 2018, the Alberta Pulse Growers service fee is 0.75%.

Keep It Clean

Pulse growers are advised to be aware of possible marketing restrictions that may arise from using certain crop protection products this season. More than 85% of Canada’s pulse production is exported to feed the world. Market access is important to the Canadian pulse industry, and growers play a key role in keeping the doors open. Guidelines for specific products are regularly updated. For the most up to date crop protection product information, refer to Keep It Clean.

**The 2024 Pulse Grower Advisory is now available at

Alberta Peas Certified with Environmental Product Declaration

Alberta Field Pea is the first agri-food commodity to be certified with a globally-recognized Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in North America. APG worked collaboratively with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry through the process of applying and receiving an EPD certification. This EPD is based on the 2016 life cycle assessment (LCA) that was completed using Alberta pulse producers’ on-farm information. To view the Alberta Pea EPD, visit Read more about the Alberta Pea EPD here.

Marketing of Agricultural Products Act

As stated in the Alberta Pulse Growers Marketing Plan Regulations, the definition of “pulse” means the dry edible seeds of the following leguminous (ability to fix their own nitrogen) crops: peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, faba beans, soybeans and lupins. The Marketing of Agricultural Products Act regulates Alberta Pulse Growers Commission through Alberta agricultural commissions.

This plan applies to:

  1. All of Alberta
  2. All persons in Alberta who produce or market or produce and market the regulated product
  3. Any dealer
  4. Any person who is not a producer or a dealer and who markets or processes regulated product

The Alberta Pulse Growers Marketing Plan Regulations (Alberta Regulation 129/99) state that APG’s purpose is to:

  1. Sponsor, direct and assist in research of all kinds pertaining to the furtherance and development of the pulse industry in Alberta.
  2. Provide studies and research in connection with the production and marketing of pulses, including help to producers and dealers in implementing proper measures respecting the production, processing and marketing of pulses.
  3. Direct and assist in the advertising of and to promote the consumption of pulses.
  4. Work with federal and provincial agencies and with any person to improve the pulse industry.
  5. Represent the pulse industry at regional, national and international meetings, where possible.
  6. Encourage the use of standardized grades if the Commission considers it to be of benefit to the pulse industry.
  7. Represent the pulse industry at public hearings and inquiries that are of concern to producers.
  8. Act as an agent on behalf of producers in respect of matters relating to the Canada Revenue Agency’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program as it applies to pulses.

The Alberta Pulse Growers are financed by the charging and collection of service charges from producers. The service charges are to be collected by the dealer or the person who received the pulses from the producer. The service charges are to be assessed against all producers on a uniform unit basis (0.75% of value, effective August 1, 2018) and calculated on the quantity of the various pulses sold by the producers. The amount of the service charges is to be established at the annual Commission meeting. The service charge is refundable to a producer on request of the producer.

The request for a refund of the service charge must:

  1. Be made in writing on a numbered refund request form established each crop year by the Commission, and
  2. Contain the producer’s name, the producer’s mailing address and telephone number, legal land description in Alberta where the crop was produced, and a copy of the original cash ticket showing the deduction of the service charge.
  3. Requests for refunds must be received by the commission at its head office, prior to the end of August, for service charges collected during the period commencing on the previous February 1 and ending July 31, and prior to the end of February, for service charges collected during the period commencing on the previous August 1 and ending on January 31.
  4. Any request for a refund that is not received on a numbered form issued to the specific producer by the Commission within the time periods specified shall not be considered by the Commission and the producer shall not be entitled to a refund in respect of the service charges in question.
  5. The Commission must refund the service charge to the producer within 90 days from the end of the period in which the request for a refund of the service charges is received, if the request complies with the regulations.

The request for refunds form is only available directly to Alberta producers by contacting the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission head office at 780-986-9398 ext. 110. Requests for refunds from the Commission must be received by the Commission based on the following deadlines.

  • Sales Period August 1–January 31: Submission Deadline February 28
  • Sales Period February 1–July 31: Submission Deadline August 31