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Growers May Face Marketing Restrictions For Lentils Treated with Glufosinate JUL 31 2019 | Producers | Agronomy and Blog Post

Alberta Pulse Growers has been made aware of a grain company (and the potential for others) that will no longer be accepting lentils treated with glufosinate ammonium. We advise growers to consult with their grain buyers before applying glufosinate or other harvest-aid products, to understand any marketing restrictions.

About Glufosinate

  • Glufosinate is registered for use as a desiccant on lentils and found on label for the product MPower Good Harvest.
  • Maximum residue limits (MRLs) for glufosinate are in place in the European Union and Japan, but at very low levels.
  • MRLs are not established in the United States or as part of CODEX (a collection of international food safety standards and guidelines for international trade).

It is important to know potential market restrictions for all harvest aids before applying to the crop. Always check with your grain buyer. For more information on which products are registered for use in pulse crops, please visit