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AFSC Hail Refund AUG 19 2020 | Producers | Blog Post

The following announcement is from Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC):

AFSC recognizes the hardship and stress producers in many areas of Alberta are experiencing due to excessive moisture, and we want to provide meaningful support and assistance at this crucial time.

Today we introduced an initiative for producers who are insured under AFSC’s Hail Endorsement or Straight Hail Insurance, and who currently have non-viable acres due to excessive moisture. These producers can apply to have their hail premiums refunded for 2020 on those acres. This one-time initiative offers relief to farmers who have drowned-out crops that are no longer viable, and thus would be ineligible for a hail claim.

From August 19 to September 11, AFSC will be accepting applications for premium refunds to impacted clients for the full amount of their 2020 hail premiums on crop deemed non-viable. More information, including eligibility criteria and how to apply for the refund, is available at