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Biodiversity benefits beneficial insects JAN 25 2024 | Producers | Blog Post

Biodiversity benefits beneficial insects
Beneficial insects are the Field Heroes who work to control pest populations on the farm, but they can only live where there is suitable habitat. That’s one of the reasons why biodiversity is an important factor for farmers to consider when managing their land.

“Biodiversity refers to everything living within an area and that includes animals, plants, fungi and bacteria,” explains Nevin Rosaasen, Sustainability and Government Relations Lead, Alberta Pulse Growers. “Just as biodiversity is really important in our soils and forests, insect biodiversity is also very important when it comes to broadacre agriculture, specifically in western Canada.”

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The Field Heroes campaign was developed by Western Grains Research Foundation to increase awareness of beneficial insects and the important role they play in pest management. Stay tuned for season five of the Pests & Predators Podcast, beginning March 18, 2024.