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Chickpea Production Potential

Production of chickpea can only be considered in the south eastern part of Alberta, since chickpea needs a growing season of 110 to 120 frost-free days with high day and night-time temperatures (these climatic conditions are found in some areas of southern Alberta).

  • chickpea is very sensitive to late season frosts – plant growth and seed quality will be adversely affected by as little as 2 to 3 degrees of frost during the pod filling and riping stage
  • in most areas that meet growing season criteria, pre-season soil moisture reserves would have to be satisfied with irrigation
  • chickpea is very susceptible to ascochyta blight, so rotational planning is critical for successful production

From a marketing perspective, producers are encouraged to ensure a secure market is available before growing chickpea. At present, a majority of world chickpea production is of the desi type – in northern latitudes in North America, a large portion of chickpea production is dedicated to desi types since they are less affected by high quality marketing standards.