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Dry Bean Weed Control

  • dry bean is not competitive, and severe yield loss will occur even from low weed pressure
  • the most important rule of weed management for dry bean is to plant into a clean field
  • pre- and post-emergent herbicides for annual weed control are limited, and effective perennial weed control herbicides are not available
  • ensure that bean fields are free of perennial weeds such as Canada thistle, perennial sow thistle and quackgrass
  • know which annual weeds are present, and use the field only if these weeds can be controlled
  • row cropping allows for in-crop tillage to control weeds between the rows – till during warm days when the crop is slightly wilted and plants less likely to be damaged (don’t till when the foliage is wet as diseases can be easily spread under these conditions)
  • row cropping also allows for band spraying, which controls weeds within the row and reduces herbicides costs
  • pre-emergent herbicides registered for dry bean production are Edge®, trifluralin products and Eptam®
  • post-emergent herbicides registered for dry bean production are Basagran®, Pursuit® (pinto, pink and red types only), plus Poast® and Hoegrass 284® for grassy weed control