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Pulses Are a Delicious Source of Protein for School Lunches SEP 4 2014 | Consumers | Blog Post

Pulses — such as chickpeas, lentils and beans — offer an easy lunch alternative for parents who are looking for a new source of protein and fibre to pack in their child’s lunchbox as another school year gears up.

“Many parents are searching for lunch options that their kids will actually eat or a source of protein to replace peanut butter, which is often banned in schools due to allergies,” said Alberta Pulse Executive Director Leanne Fischbuch. “Pulses are a nutritious and delicious source of protein and other nutrients that are easy to add into lunches to give kids the energy they need for a busy school day.”

The Alberta Pulse recipe for Five-Minute Hummus is a simple dish that packs 8 g of protein and 4 g of fibre into a 75 ml serving. Hummus is a delicious spread for breads and wraps that pairs well with fillings like sliced apple or lettuce and tomato. Kids also enjoy it as a dip for vegetables and crackers. Pre-packaged hummus is also available at grocery stores as a convenient alternative to making your own. Fischbuch recommends checking for brands with lower sodium and fat content. The Alberta Pulse hummus recipe can also be made using black beans or lentils instead of chickpeas.

Marinated and Roasted Chickpeas can be eaten as a crunchy snack for children who don’t enjoy the texture of hummus. A 30 mL serving contains 2 g of fibre and 2 g of protein. They are also a great addition to salads.

Both of the recipes mentioned above are gluten-free and vegetarian. The recipes are available for reprinting with credit below. The Alberta Pulse website offers many other recipes that feature chickpeas, beans, lentils and field peas in appetizers, soups, salads, main courses and desserts.