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Buying Pulses

Pulses are available in dry, canned and sometimes frozen formats in all grocery stores. Choose the format that works best for you! 

Dry Pulses

Dry pulses may be found in a variety of locations in the grocery store. Look for them in the canned foods or canned protein/fish section or in the rice, dried grains, bulk or international foods section.

When buying dry pulses, look for:

  • uniform size;
  • brightly coloured seeds;
  • smooth skins without chips or shriveled coats

Canned Pulses

Canned pulses are convenient as they are pre-cooked and ready to use. Look for canned pulses in the canned foods, canned beans or canned protein/fish sections of the grocery store.

Buying Local

While Alberta grows a wide variety of pulses, packaging of these products takes place outside the province. To support our local pulse farmers, look for Product of Canada on the label of dry and canned pulses.