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Alberta Pulse Growers have print resources available free of charge for educators, dietitians, and home cooks. Order yours today!

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Education Programs


PULSE café – Elementary school program

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PULSE café – Junior high school program

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Classroom Support Program

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Community Cooking Class Program

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Partner Programs

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Pulse Lesson Plans

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Downloadable Resources

Tried & True Recipe Book

A 36-page booklet featuring our favourite “tried & true” recipes, a few new dishes to try and information on buying, storing, cooking and baking with pulses!

Pulses: Farm to Table Workbook

Alberta Pulse Growers is pleased to share this workbook with health professionals, teacher, and community leaders who are interested in doing their own pulse food demonstrations or pulse workshops with their clients and students.

Enjoying Canned Pulses!

A two-sided sheet with helpful tips when using canned pulses as well as five tasty things to do with a can of chickpeas, black beans and white beans.

Alberta Pulses from Coast to Coast

Alberta Pulse Growers is pleased to share 10 new recipes inspired by Canada’s 150th birthday! These recipes celebrate regional Canadian cuisine while highlighting pulses grown right here in Alberta.

Guide to Cooking

A two-page sheet that answers common questions about soaking, cooking times, and making puréed pulses. Recommended for displays or clients who need pulse soaking and cooking summary.

Baking with Pulses (2017)

An informative 36-page book with tips on how to buy, store, and bake pulses, as well as recipes for breads, biscuits, muffins, squares, cookies, cakes, and pies.

Multimedia Resources

Check out the Creating Awareness video series developed during 2016 International Year of Pulses. The series of three videos highlight the main attributes of pulses: better nutrition, healthy outcomes and environmental sustainability.

Better Nutrition

Healthy Outcomes

Environmental Sustainability