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Plot to Field Program Overview

The plot to field is a field scale province wide research program that is fully funded and directed by Alberta Pulse Growers Commission. All research in this network is based on three important principles:

  1. Teamwork – conducted on-farm with farmers, tag teaming with agronomists, scientists, and Alberta Pulse Growers Commission’s staff
  2. Science based and repeatable – produces data that is unbiased, accurate and robust, conducted with utmost scientific relevance so that the experiment is replicable on your own farm using our protocol
  3. Proactive – delivers results to guide management decisions and improve productivity and profitability of pulses across the province

The main goal of this program is:

  • to conduct field scale research that is applicable and relevant to producers
  • to build scientifically sound research protocols that test small plot research results on a farm-by-farm basis allowing for scientific “proofing” of small plot results
  • to provide ‘in situ’ extension of research results
  • to enhance the ability of pulse producers and agronomists to apply scientific learnings

Response to Seeding Rate and Insecticide Seed Treatment

The overall intent of the Alberta Pulse Growers – Plot2Field (P2F) initiative is to transfer small plot research to a field scale basis and assess the quality of data obtained.

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