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APG Regulatory Review (PCN Winter 2014) JAN 23 2014 | Consumers and Producers | Pulse Crop News

This article appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of Pulse Crop News.

Every four years, Commissions are regulated to review their legislation and consult with the membership on any changes to documents. Government reviews the suggested changes and the documents move through an approval process which, for some pieces of legislation includes cabinet approvals.

During 2013-14, Alberta Pulse Growers will be reviewing the four pieces of legislation that make up our regulations. These documents can be found on the Marketing Council website (scroll down the page to the Alberta Pulse Growers logo).

The four pieces of legislation are described as follows:

  • Commission Authorization: This document declares the existence of the organization as enacted by the Government of Alberta.
  • Marketing Regulation: This document defines and outlines the objectives of the organization. It describes how the organization defines membership, and how the organization operates on behalf of the producer and what the organization needs to accomplish to exist.
  • Marketing Plan: This document outlines the organizations collection of service fees, amounts and who it is collected from.
  • Federal Order: This document states how the organization’s legislation is represented under the federal system.

The following points are being considered for changes to the legislation in this review period.

  • The title of commissioner is recommended to be changed to Director.
  • President and Vice President are recommended to be replaced with Chair and Vice Chair
  • Consistency in the definition of dealer, which includes the following; elevator companies, grain companies, grain dealers, grain brokers, processors, feed manufacturers and livestock feeders and persons who acquire regulated product from the producer for sale on the producers behalf across all four pieces of legislation for consistency.
  • Correction of county names and zone realignment.

The biggest change of all the recommendations is the changes to zone boarders (see page 11). The recommendation took into account the barley, wheat and canola boarders in their legislation and is aligning the pulse boarders closer to those of other organizations. This will make it easier for growers to recognize which areas they are in for any joint meetings. In addition, reflection on direction of trade and commonality of pulse crops and production methods between areas was also taken into account.

The following areas are being considered:

  • Zone 1: Vulcan, Wheatland and Foothills will move out of Zone 1 and into Zone 2;
  • Zone 2: Stettler and Paintearth will move out of Zone 2 and into Zone 5, and Wetaskiwin will move into Zone 3. Vulcan, Wheatland and Foodhills will move into Zone 2;
  • Zone 3: Slave Lake and Opportunity will move out of Zone 3 and into Zone 4. Wetaskiwin will move into Zone 3;
  • Zone 4: Slave Lake and Opportunity will move into Zone 4; and
  • Zone 5: Stettler and Paintearth will move into Zone 5.

With these recommended changes, the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission would like to hear what our growers think. Please contact us at or by phone at 780-986-7181 ext. 2 or toll free at 1-877-550-9398. Adoption of proposed changes will take place by July 31, 2014.