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How to Get the Most out of the APG Website as a Producer (PCN Summer 2014) JUL 9 2014 | Consumers and Producers | Pulse Crop News

Step 1 (Start with the basics)

Type Alberta Pulse Growers into a search engine or type in the website address This will take you to the main page that will have a delicious picture of food like the one here and will include great recipes, fact sheets and reference material for our consumer audience on eating pulses. All good information even for producers.

Step 2 (Find the Producers page)

Scroll down the main page and click on one of these icons on the right or left hand sides. The producer icons will take you to our main Producer information page.

Step 3 (Navigating the Producer Page)

Our Producer page has lots of great information for growers. Here, you can find links on growing pulses, selling & buying pulses, research and news updates.

Step 4 (The Search Function)

The Search tool is important if you are looking for something specific and not just browsing, such as the SR & ED Tax Credit. The search function is the magnifying glass located at the end of the top toolbar.

Step 5 (Pulse Varieties & Crop Management Tips)

This area includes background and information on growing various different pulse crops in Alberta. It also includes PDF downloads for our Advertising Rate Card, Alberta Pulse Buyers Guide and Research Application Form.

Step 6 (Get the Latest Updates)

This portion of the website is dedicated to APG events and information published on the website. They are listed by date and can be searched.

  • Events: Click on More or View All to see a list that is sorted by the most recent event posting. You can sort by year and month.
  • Growing Regions: For more information on growing regions for pulse crops click View Growing Regions.
  • Publications: For quick PDF links to recent electronic editions of Pulse Crop News Magazines, Pulse Market Insight and Feed Pea Benchmark postings click on the buttons shown.

Step 7 (Finding more quick links)

In the lower left hand corner of the Producer page there are quick links to other areas of the website including information About APG, Learning Centre Resources and Director Login.

Our website will be updated with more grower information. An online calendar of events is now available and will continue to be updated. Keep an eye out for our Pulse Pod wiki coming this fall! More questions? Call our Communications Coordinator, Rachel Peterson at 780-986-9398.