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Alberta crop commissions urge farmers, ranchers & farm workers to participate in Bill 6 survey JAN 15 2016 | Producers | News Release

Alberta’s crop commissions, consisting of elected farmer representatives, are urging farmers, ranchers and farm workers to complete a survey designed to garner feedback on the regulations relating to Bill 6.

Survey results will provide an important knowledge base for members of the Crop Sector Working Group (CSWG) as our industry progresses toward the government consultations expected to begin as early as February 2016.

“The survey is designed to acquire productive, on-farm feedback relating to Bill 6,” said Kent Erickson, Chairman, Alberta Wheat Commission. “Sufficient opportunities to provide feedback need to be offered to farmers, ranchers and farm workers to ensure this legislation reflects the uniqueness of our industry.”

Interim survey results will be compiled in preparation for an industry meeting on January 22nd hosted by the Crop Sector Working Group (CSWG) and the Intensive Livestock Sector Working Group (ILSWG). The survey will remain open until February 13, 2016 to ensure sufficient feedback has been collected as our industry considers our participation in the government consultations.

“In the wake of Bill 6, provincial commissions and industry stakeholders have formed an unprecedented coalition united due to the necessity of obtaining farmers input for these upcoming consultations. We intend to work together to develop a strategy to direct the government in shaping this legislation into something that will work for all farmers and ranchers. The survey results will serve as key information to be used for decision-making going forward,” Erickson said.

Farmers and ranchers can fill out the survey at:

The Crop Sector Working Group is comprised of the Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Barley, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Alberta Oat Growers Commission, Potato Growers of Alberta, Alberta Sugar Beet Growers and Alberta Rye and Triticale Association.

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