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Alberta Crop Commissions/Grain Growers of Canada meet with elected officials as part of Team Alberta APR 19 2016 | Producers | News Release

(Calgary, Alberta) The Alberta crop commissions, along with our colleagues at the Grain Growers of Canada spent last week on parliament hill to meet with top decision makers from Canada’s major political parties and discuss priorities for Alberta grain producers.

Key priorities of the Team Alberta delegation included grain transportation reform, international trade, and public investment in research and sustainability.

“Agriculture in Alberta is a $13.3 billion dollar industry and a significant contributor to Canada’s economy so it is imperative that the crop commissions come together and get in front of elected officials to deliver our message and share our story and priorities,” said Terry Young, Director with the Alberta Canola Producers Commission.

The Team Alberta lobby trip included a delegation of Directors from the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Alberta Barley, Alberta Wheat Commission and the Grain Growers of Canada. The delegation met with representatives from all political parties and shared a united message about how the government can support Canadian farmers.

With the recent release of the Emerson report on the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) review, transportation and the extension of Bill C-30, the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act were also top priorities during the meetings.

“Long-term solutions to Canada’s grain transportation system continue to be important for farmers,” said Henry Vos, Director with the Alberta Wheat Commission. “While the crop industry was pleased to be part of the consultations on the CTA review, the final report fails to provide specific recommendations that farmers feel will improve Canada’s transportation system.”

“Canadian grain producers need adequate rail service, balanced commercial accountability and the retention of competitive provisions to improve rail service,” added Mike Ammeter, Chair of Alberta Barley. “We are calling upon the government and Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport to extend the provisions within Bill C-30 while a long-term solution for improving our rail transportation system is developed. The provisions within the Bill include extending interswitching limits to 160 km to promote competition, and other features to keep railways more accountable for poor performance.”

“Another of the main priorities we discussed was how the government can support a competitive, predictable and open trade environment by ensuring that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) are both ratified immediately,” said Gary Stanford, President of the Grain Growers of Canada.

The TPP agreement would increase demand for Canada’s agricultural exports and ensure Canada can remain competitive in key markets, as two of our major competitors, Australia and the United States, would otherwise see preferential access to key Canadian markets within the TPP zone.

Other topics of discussion included the need for continued and stable research funding and capacity, as well as the need to consider the significant innovations and leadership role farmers have taken in protecting the environment and sequestering soil carbon when it comes to carbon tax discussions.

“Farmers work toward sustainability to help us save money, but also to sequester carbon and better the environment in the long-term,” added Fraser Robertson, Director with the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission. “A lot of people don’t realize what is happening on the farm, so it is good for us to have the opportunity to share our message with government representatives.”

For more information, contact:

Amanda Ryan
Communications Manager
Alberta Wheat Commission
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Ellen Cottee
Communications Coordinator
Alberta Barley
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Communications Coordinator
Alberta Canola Producers Commission
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Rachel Peterson
Communications Coordinator
Alberta Pulse Growers Commission
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Gary Stanford
Grain Growers of Canada
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