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APG Works to Help Producers Sell More Pulses by Focusing on Research (PCN Summer 2016) JUN 24 2016 | Consumers and Producers | Pulse Crop News

This article appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of Pulse Crop News.

One of the pillars of the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission (APG) is its commitment to funding meaningful research that continuously moves the pulse industry forward. Much time and effort is spent identifying gaps in knowledge and working with key industry organizations to help shape priorities, projects and programs that will help pulse producers ‘sell more pulses’.

During the March 2015 strategic planning sessions in which the APG board and advisors participated, research themes were reviewed and prioritized to set direction for the next five years. The four pillars identified were Genetic Improvement, Agronomic Advancement, Processing and Utilization, and Human Health Initiatives. These themes have been a foundation for the commission’s research investments, and the strategic planning session confirmed that this is where the Alberta Pulse Growers see value in identifying gaps in knowledge and pursuing answers.

Of the levy dollars that APG collects, 70 per cent are allocated toward research projects. The strong network of scientists and funding partners has allowed for extremely high quality research that has helped to support the exponential growth that pulses have seen in the province over the last five years.

Within the organizational structure of APG, two committees oversee research investments – one focusing on genetics and agronomy and the second on processing and health outcomes. Included on these committees are members of the APG board, advisors from across the five zones, industry representatives and scientists in related fields. All projects are vetted through outside reviewers in addition to the committee review.

APG places a high value on developing strong working relationships with scientists in various fields, collaboration is encouraged where appropriate and as an industry we have benefited greatly from the networking of individuals located within Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, universities across Canada and partnership with private industry.

The following table provides a summary of all projects in which APG currently invests. For additional information on any of the projects, please see individual summaries at

UPDATE: For information about the research projects, please see individual summaries in our website’s Research section.