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Canadian pulse industry comes together to set industry research priorities (PCN Winter 2017) JAN 4 2017 | Consumers and Producers | Pulse Crop News

This article appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of Pulse Crop News.

In September, representatives of every provincial pulse group and Pulse Canada, met to collectively set research priorities for the next five years of Growing Forward programs administered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Each group brought forward specific needs as identified within each of the provinces by pulse producers.

As an industry, the following goals were identified:

  • To provide leadership in research and product development in support of profitable growth opportunities for our funders.
  • To further understand the human and environmental health benefits of the utilization of pulses.
  • To further educate and inform pulse customers on the benefits and how to use pulses.

Based on these common goals, targeted objectives were set to provide quantifiable measures for producers and researchers.

Key Industry Objectives for 2018-2023

  • Increase production 20% while maintaining low cost of production
  • Increase the utilization of pulses:
    • As ingredients in such product categories as analogues & extruded products by 5-10%
    • In new markets such as aquafeed (10%), industrial uses (10%), & pet food (20%)
    • As whole food products by 10%
  • To have a pulse crop available as a production option for every arable acre in Canada

Target Research Outcomes

  • Whole Pulse Production & Quality
    • Increased pulse yields
    • Reduced production costs
    • Increased price/demand for Canadian pulse quality
  • Dietary Patterns
    • Increased emphasis on pulses as part of government and NGO strategies to address health and environmental challenges
  • Pulse-based Food Products
    • Increased pulse processing
    • Increased number of pulse-based foods and consumer marketing of pulses by food sector
  • Pulse Ingredient Processing

Target research outcomes are focused on:

  • Breeding, agronomy and processing technologies to increase yields, reduce costs, expand production and improve Canadian pulse quality for existing and new markets.
  • Pre-competitive research to explore new technologies or approaches to address pulse utilization challenges and questions.
  • Pre-competitive research on generic products to fuel interest in new uses and marketing opportunities AND partnerships with CPG companies to accelerate pulse product commercialization.
  • Theoretical modelling and/or clinical data to substantiate impacts of dietary patterns that emphasize pulses on food affordability/security, diet quality, human health, health care costs and environmental health and resilience.