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Canadian Pulse Industry Welcomes Extension of Fumigation Waiver MAR 30 2017 | Producers | News Release

March 30, 2017 (Winnipeg, MB) – The Canadian pulse industry is pleased that India has officially renewed the fumigation derogation (waiver) that will enable trade to resume. India extended the fumigation derogation until June 30, 2017. The June 30 deadline will be based on the bill of lading date.

“As Chair of the Pulse Canada Board, I want to thank the Government of Canada, and in particular Minister MacAulay. I was part of Minister MacAulay’s mission to India in early March and know that the Minister, High Commissioner and high level staff have made the long-term resolution of Canadian pulse access to India a top priority,” said Lee Moats. “We will continue to bring the Canadian farmer and Canadian trade perspective to the table and work with the Government of Canada to achieve long-term, predictable access to our largest market.”

Pulse Canada is the national association representing growers, traders and processors of Canadian pulse crops. The Canadian pulse industry has grown to become a global leader, and is the world’s largest supplier of pulses with exports to over 150 countries.

Media Contact

Courtney Hirota
Director of Strategic Communications
T 204.925.3782


  • Canada is India’s largest supplier of pulses and India is Canada’s largest market for pulses, accounting for more than $1.1 billion and more than 1.9 million tonnes in 2016.
  • Approximately 33 per cent of total Canadian pulse exports and 42 per cent of Canadian pea exports moved to India in 2016.
  • Plant protection officials from India and Canada met in October 2016 to discuss derogations and India’s intent to move away from allowing pulses to be fumigated upon arrival. Canada was provided with the option to prepare a systems approach package outlining the best management practices and critical control points in the pulse supply and export chain where the risk of pests regulated by India are mitigated in Canada.
  • Canada presented the package that detailed Canada’s pest risk management system and its application to managing India’s plant quarantine concerns.