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Update on Request for Member Action on Imidacloprid to PMRA MAR 24 2017 | Producers | News Release

Thank you to all growers who participated in the PMRA comment period for imidacloprid. Canada’s pulse industry grower groups and Pulse Canada made a submission to the PMRA with respect to the re-evaluation decision on imidacloprid.

The pulse industry submission to the PMRA stated that for Canadian agricultural producers to compete in the domestic and international marketplace, they need to produce high quality food in an efficient manner, and that requires access to the latest, safest pesticides available. Farmers in Canada need access to these products at the same time that farmers in other exporting countries attain and retain access to them so that they can compete using equivalent production tools.

The pulse industry submission is based on significant input, data and expert opinion from the agronomy resources within the Canadian pulse value chain, as well as a toxicology report commissioned by key members of Pulse Canada to conduct a peer review of the proposed re-evaluation decision. The submission documents the importance of imidacloprid as a tool in sustainable cropping systems.

Alberta Pulse Growers will be working alongside Pulse Canada, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers, and Ontario Bean Growers throughout the review process.