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Faba Bean Benchmark (August 15/17) AUG 15 2017 | Producers

Prices on all major energy ingredients remained largely unchanged over the past two weeks although supplies of low vomi feed barley and wheat remain tight and forward values on these two commodities are being pressured upward. Corn, meanwhile, is being pressured in the opposite direction on the heels of the latest USDA report which showed projected supplies to be well above most analysts’ expectations. Corn DDGS values remained stable. The largest movement in pricing was soybean meal, with values dropping by $25-30/T again based on reaction to the USDA projected supplies report. Faba bean and feed peas supplies continue to be scarce and prices across the Prairies remained largely unchanged; $250-255/T in Manitoba and $240-250/T in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

  • AB: $314
  • SK: $295
  • MB: $270
* Models have been updated to reflect the latest nutrient compositions of feed ingredients, which is done periodically.

Aug 15 – 17 Faba Bean Benchmark Report