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Faba Bean Benchmark Report (Sept. 25/17) SEP 25 2017 | Producers

Prices for barley and wheat fell in most areas in response to new crop supplies becoming available to the feed market. Barley prices fell by $10/T in Manitoba and Saskatchewan but remained unchanged in Alberta. Wheat prices, meanwhile, dropped by $20/T in Manitoba and Alberta while remained unchanged in Saskatchewan. Corn and corn DDGS pricing similarly remained mostly unchanged over the past two weeks. Despite fundamentals, soybean meal prices on the Prairies increased from $10-20/T because of a seasonal shortage of trucking capacity delivering product from the northern US states. Canola meal pricing remained unchanged.  New crop feed peas are beginning to trade with values of $250-260 in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Manitoba is waiting on the new crop of faba beans with little of either faba beans or peas traded over the past two weeks.

  • AB: $269
  • SK: $282
  • MB: $261
* Models have been updated to reflect the latest nutrient compositions of feed ingredients, which is done periodically.

Sept 25 – 17 Faba Bean Benchmark Report