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Feed Pea Benchmark Report (Sept. 11-17) SEP 11 2017 | Producers

Prices on all major energy ingredients remained largely unchanged over the past two weeks although the availability of new crop supplies pushed barley prices down in Manitoba. Corn DDGS pricing similarly remained mostly unchanged. The big news continues to be the sliding protein prices, with both soybean meal and canola meal showing a further $10/tonne price decrease across the Prairies. Faba bean and feed peas supplies continue to be scarce and prices across the Prairies remained largely unchanged; $260/T in Manitoba, $240/T in Saskatchewan and $250/T in Alberta.

  • AB: $277
  • SK: $272
  • MB: $247
* Models have been updated to reflect the latest nutrient compositions of feed ingredients, which is done periodically.

Sept 11-17 Feed Pea Benchmark Report