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Faba Bean Feed Benchmark (Oct. 23/17) OCT 23 2017 | Producers

Prices for barley and wheat rose $5-10/T in Manitoba as harvest pressure subsided but remained unchanged in Saskatchewan. Alberta feed wheat prices fell by $10/T while barley remained unchanged. Corn prices crept higher by $5/T across the Prairies while corn DDGS pricing jumped by $20/T on short supplies. Soybean meal and canola meal prices inched higher across the Prairies by $5-10T based mainly on stronger futures markets. Feed peas traded in Saskatchewan and Alberta in the $250-255/T range and $270 in Manitoba. Faba beans in Manitoba were $255/T and slightly lower in Saskatchewan at $247/T.

  • AB: $284
  • SK: $283
  • MB: $266
* Models have been updated to reflect the latest nutrient compositions of feed ingredients, which is done periodically.

Oct 23 – 17 Faba Bean Benchmark Report