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Feed Pea Benchmark Report Jan. 28/18 FEB 1 2018 | Producers

Prices for all grains remained largely unchanged across the Prairies over the past two weeks. Corn futures markets also remained flat with the weakening US dollar pressuring cash corn prices slightly lower. Corn DDGS prices similarly remained largely unchanged. Cash protein prices (soybean and canola meal) escalated $15-20/T in response to futures markets, which were reacting to reports of unfavorable weather conditions and their potential impact on the upcoming South American soybean harvest. Vitamin prices have also become a significant contributor to increased feed costs recently, with the acute shortages of vitamins A and E worldwide leading to price increases of 40-50% in the vitamin/trace mineral component of animal and poultry feeds. Field peas traded in the $240- $250/T range in Alberta and Saskatchewan while in Manitoba, peas traded for $260/T and faba beans commanded prices of $265-270/T.

  • AB: $256
  • SK: $285
  • MB: $251
* Models have been updated to reflect the latest nutrient compositions of feed ingredients, which is done periodically.

Jan 28 – 18 Feed Pea Benchmark Report