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Feed Pea Benchmark Report Dec. 21/18 DEC 21 2018 | Producers

Feed grain values have remained fairly stable in Manitoba while prices have increased a little further west in Alberta and Saskatchewan due to tight trucking and low interest from sellers as the holiday season approaches. Corn DDGS has remained high given the weaker Canadian dollar and tight ethanol margins while soybean meal has remained within a similar range to previous weeks. Feed pea prices have been stronger in Alberta with elevators buying at up to $270-$275 and lack of availability of feed grade in the marketplace. In central Saskatchewan, trades have occurred at similar prices. Manitoba prices have climbed some but remained below the marks seen in the western prairies.

  • AB: $301
  • SK: $295
  • MB: $285
* Models have been updated to reflect the latest nutrient compositions of feed ingredients, which is done periodically.

Dec 21 – 18 Feed Pea Benchmark Report