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Join APG as 2018 Innovator Award Winner Shares How Teamwork in Breeding for Local Conditions Helped Build Alberta’s Pulse Industry JAN 30 2018 | News Release

The Alberta Pulse Growers (APG) selected Dr. Hans-Henning Muendel, who was instrumental in developing Alberta’s pulse industry, as the recipient of the fourth annual Alberta Pulse Industry Innovator Award. Muendel will accept the award in person at a ceremony on Wednesday, January 31. Please join APG to hear from a true industry innovator about how breeding dry beans suited for local conditions contributed to a flourishing pulse industry in Alberta today.

When: 2:45 pm on Wednesday, January 31

Where: Hall F at the Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands

In 1996, there weren’t any dry bean cultivars being grown in Western Canada that were well adapted to this region. Over the next 11 years as the head of the dry bean breeding program at the Lethbridge Research Centre, Muendel developed 14 dry bean cultivars in seven bean classes, and co-developed one other new bean cultivar. Muendel’s bean breeding program concentrated on producing early maturing bean cultivars, with a more upright growth habit, that are well-suited to the short growing seasons of southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Many of the dry bean cultivars from Muendel’s program also had improved resistance to white mould while maintaining high yield and quality. Muendel also served as an ex-officio director for Alberta Pulse Growers.

The award presentation will take place during APG’s Annual General Meeting. Members of the media are welcome to attend and learn more about what’s new with APG.

This year’s AGM will also be broadcast live for the first time at .

The Alberta Pulse Growers Commission represents more than 6,000 growers of field pea, dry bean, lentil, chickpea, faba bean and soybean in Alberta.  Our vision is to have Alberta pulses recognized by consumers as environmentally friendly, healthy, nutritious, and recognized by all producers as being an essential element in a sustainable cropping system. 

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