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Feed Pea Benchmark Report Jul 5/19 JUL 8 2019 | Producers

Grain prices spiked across the prairies late June although the rain over the last few weeks has softened pricing by a few dollars. The WASDA report on Friday gave a brighter outlook for corn supply which led to some weakening of corn futures although these increased prior to the American holiday. Proteins backed off some with weakening futures as well but have risen a few dollars the last day or so again due to buyers taking positions before the long weekend. Pea prices have firmed a little but as we get closer to harvest, it will be interesting to see if this backs off with larger planted acreage than the previous year.

  • AB: $341
  • SK: $329
  • MB: $296
* Models have been updated to reflect the latest nutrient compositions of feed ingredients, which is done periodically.

Jul 5 – 19 Feed Pea Benchmark Report