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Pulse Crop News 2020 Research Report MAR 27 2020 | Producers | Pulse Crop News and Pulse Crop Research Report

Welcome to the Pulse Crop News 2020 Research Report. Click here to view the entire publication or click a link below for individual stories.


Grow Genetics

Research targets a new paradigm for pulse improvement

Pea breeding seeks to balance yield, protein, agronomics

Screening program spans early germplasm to co-op trials

White mould in dry bean – If you can’t beat it, avoid it

APG research moves from small plots to field scale

Grow Yield

Top faba bean agronomy questions, studied and answered

Chocolate spot is here (and now so is Stemphylium)

Going deeper on pea leaf weevil management

Research targets multiple strategies against pea root rot

As pea leaf weevils spread, management options are growing

An integrated approach to pea leaf weevil management

Better tools in sight for dry bean disease management

Grow Sustainability

Soil microbes offer new road to pulse productivity

Understanding the trade-offs of crop rotations

Land stewardship yields slow, steady benefits

When storing pulses, consider what is inside and outside the bin

Regional Variety Trials – New management, new convenience

From 8% overlap to 1% or less

Grow Utilization

Chef-directed product innovation will benefit pulses

New directions for pulse-based protein

Sprouting project seeks new applications for faba bean

Project takes wide view of pulse processing innovation

Nutritional data key to increasing pulse usage

Grow Health

Show, don’t tell, to boost pulses in health-minded diets

Doing the right thing and telling the right story