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Team Alberta supports Minister Dreeshen’s focus on emergency discussions at the Federal-Provincial-Territorial meeting JUL 15 2021 | Producers | News Release

Alberta’s major crop commissions who are members of Team Alberta fully support the Government of Alberta in pursuing options to deal with 2021 crop conditions due to the drought, including the potential to trigger the AgriRecovery program. Team Alberta met with Minister Dreeshen yesterday to emphasize the impact of heat and drought conditions on crops throughout the province. Farmers shared with the Minister the challenges that they are seeing in their parts of the province and communicated messages from their commission colleagues around Alberta.

Team Alberta supports the Minister highlighting a discussion on triggering Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriRecovery at the Federal-Provincial-Territorial meeting being held today. Drought conditions qualify under AgriRecovery as a disaster and must be proven to be a collective experience, across a defined area, region or province, as well as have potential for significant impacts on the sector. AgriRecovery events result in extraordinary costs directly related to resumed production or impact mitigation. In 2002, Alberta experienced severe drought and AgriRecovery was triggered amounting to a payout of over $800 million.

Messages to the Minister also included the need to immediately activate Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) adjusters in an expeditious manner and support the evaluation of heat and drought impacts. AFSC is also encouraged to keep in mind flexibility in outcomes for farmers during this stressful time. Many crops in major areas across the province are wiped out from heat and wind, and expectations are that yields will be measurably impacted.

Team Alberta recognizes that this weather event is impacting multiple areas of the province and all crops. Team Alberta colleagues, Alberta Sugar Beet Growers and Potato Growers of Alberta, also support the Minister in his message at the FPT meetings. Continuation of dialogue between Team Alberta members, the Minister and AFSC will be taking place over the summer while monitoring the impacts of this significant weather event.

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