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Dry Bean – Viral Diseases

Bean Yellow Mosaic & Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV)

Bean Common Mosaic Virus Plant, Photo Credit: Howard F. Schwartz Colorado State University,

Bean Common Mosiac Virus Leaf, Photo Credit: Howard F. Schwartz Colorado State University,

Bean Golden Mosaic Virus (BGMV), Photo Credit: Howard F. Schwarz, Colorado State University,


  • While infections seldom cause plant death, the impact of yield will depend upon the time of infection, with earlier infections having greater impact.
  • The disease spreads by plant sap contamination of wounds, insects and infected seed.
  • Type and severity of symptoms depend on host cultivar, virus strain and environment. More than 10 strains of BCMV are known. (North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station).


  • Infected plants are often stunted, spindly, with few pods set, and may be off colour. Seed will also be off-colour and small.
  • Leaves have irregular areas of yellowish tissue intermixed with areas of green – leaves may be puckered, twisted and elongated.


  • Many commercially available seed varieties have resistance to virus diseases – plant certified seed and control aphids when they appear in large numbers.
  • Fungicides are ineffective in managing viral diseases.


Special thanks to Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers.